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Cleaning Cornwall - Crystal Clear

Hard Floor Cleaning Penzance

hard-floor cleaning Penzance

Crystal Clear are able to clean a wide variety of hard floor surfaces in Penzance, including many types of epoxy resin, altro, tiled safety floors and flotex short pile commercial floor coverings. We are able to offer high pressure high temperature cleaning where suitable with a truckmount and gheko or Rotowash cleaning with a single pass scrubber drier. The gheko rotor wash is an electric deck brush machine with two spinning brushes which are able to get into most crevices. The machine operates in a similar way to a pressure washer/steam cleaner, with an under hood moisture extraction system to minimise overspray, which extracts moisture immediately, so as not to overwet your floors. This machine is suitable for any internal hard floors. Slate and stone floors can also be professionally cleaned and oiled/re-sealed with a variety of impregnators dependant on the finish required.

Crystal Clear can tailor a programme to your specific needs which is geared around fulfilling all of your aims. This ensures that nothing is overlooked and that our cleaners provide you with a service that won’t disappoint. So if you need assistance in getting over the final hurdle of a development project, please get in touch with Crystal Clear to talk to us about how we can help you put the finishing touches in place.

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